FR 3 12/2-12/6

Unit: L’Environmment
Week Summary:


Students will being working on the vocabulary for the environment unit

Students will take notes on an introduction to the conditional mode

Students will begin working on a short story based on the structure “If you gave a mouse a cookie”

Homework: Vocabulary due Monday 12/9/19


Students will complete their short stories

Students will read the short article “10 Gestes Pour Sauver la Planete” and respond to questions related to the content and vocabulary

10 Gestes Pour Sauver la Planète-Article

Students will watch the following video, and challenge themselves to understand a certain percentage of the video, based on true/false questions

Homework: Complete the 10 Gestes worksheet


Students will practice using the vocabulary in the interpretive, presentational, and interpersonal modes.



Students will play a matching game to consider ways to help the environment

Students will interview each other about their habits in relation to the environment.

Write a letter to your partner with ways that they can help the environment in their daily life